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8 Signs You Need Garage Shelving


Do you have a lot of stuff in your garage? Are things getting hard to find because the only way to search through all those boxes is by lifting everything up and dumping it on the floor?

Is your garage so cluttered that you can't even park your car in there?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need garage shelving. Garage shelves are a great way to organize your garage and make it more functional.

They can also help you store things more efficiently so you can find anything that you need without much hassle. This article will discuss some signs that you need new garage shelving.

Looking to get more organized in your garage? Learn more about this garage storage solution that will help you maximize the space in your garage.


Is Garage Shelving Worth It?

This list has been created from research and experience of what a well-organized garage should look like and what it should be used for compared to how most people use their garages.

A well-organized is what every homeowner should have. Such a garage has a designated space for everything and leaves enough space to park a car or 2, depending on its size.

It also provides ease of finding stuff that would otherwise be lost among all the clutter.

This article will discuss in detail signs that your garage needs shelving, the benefits of garage shelving, things to consider when buying or making shelving, and materials to pick from for your garage shelving needs.


What are the signs you that need garage shelving?


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1. You cannot see the floor of the garage

If you can’t even tell if there is a floor in your garage, you need new shelving. Shelves are great for storing items big and small, so no matter what kind of junk you have piled up in there, they will make it more organized.

With some sturdy shelves to hold all that stuff up, you won’t have any excuses not to clean out that space.

It might take some time at first, but cleaning will be easy once everything has its own designated spot on the shelf.

You don’t want things falling down when someone bumps into them or opening a box only to find something broken inside because an object fell on it while being stored away – this is why good shelves are so important.


2. Things are falling apart

If your old garage shelves cannot support anything without collapsing under their own weight, it means they aren’t doing their job anymore and need replacing.

Losing some of that weight will make all the difference with these old shelves. You can tell that the shelves are overstuffed by seeing how much strain is put on them whenever you try to stack something else up there too high.

Either they start sagging really bad, or one of the sides won’t stay up, and it all comes crashing down.

A good set of garage shelves can hold a lot of weight and last for years, so it’s definitely worth the investment.


3. It’s hard to find stuff in there

The first sign that you might need some new garage shelving is if it’s hard to find anything in there.

If you can barely move around because of the stacks of boxes and clutter, it’s time for a change.

Not only will garage shelving make your space more organized, but it will also make it easier to find things when you need them.


4. You can’t park your car in the garage

If your garage is so full of stuff that you can’t even fit a car in there anymore, then it might be time to look into proper shelving.

That garage should always have enough room for at least one vehicle – after all, what good is the space if you don’t use it?

If you find yourself having to shove things around just to get your car in and out, then this definitely sounds like an issue with a lack of organization.

Garage shelving will help declutter everything allowing more room for your car. If you also need of space for an extra car inside your garage, you should consider a garage storage system.


5. It’s unsafe

The other sign that suggests you need some improved garage shelving comes down to safety concerns.

Old or poorly built storage racks present hazards every day; they could collapse at any time, causing you or your family to get seriously injured.

If that’s happening in your garage right now with the racks you have, then it might be a good idea to invest some money into safer storage racks.

A set of sturdy and well-made shelving will provide safety for many years, plus they look much nicer than rickety old wire shelves.

The lack of shelf organization is also a health hazard because it is hard to find things when everything is in disarray.


6. Wall storage is going to waste

Many garages have space above your head that is going to waste.

If you don’t want to block the windows or door, consider installing wall storage solutions like pegboards and hooks so you can put up all kinds of tools!

A great set of garage shelving will also give you a place for these things while freeing up valuable floor space in your garage.


7. You have a lot of tools and equipment

If you have a lot of tools or other equipment in your garage, you might also need some good shelving.

Trying to store all of that stuff on the floor is a recipe for disaster. It will only take one rainy day for everything to be ruined.

With some sturdy garage shelves, you can easily organize and store your equipment, so it’s easy to find when you need it.


8. The interior aesthetic is not pleasing

If you find yourself being distracted by the way your garage looks every time you go in there, then it’s definitely time to do something about those shelves.

Having a mess of equipment and other stuff thrown around everywhere does not make your garage look good.

And how can the space be used properly if you can’t find anything when you need it?

A good set of shelves will help bring some organization to your garage and make the space look like a whole new place.


What are the benefits of garage shelving?

Provides extra storage space: One of the main reasons people install garage shelving is because it provides a lot of extra storage space.

This can be extremely helpful, especially if your garage is already full of boxes and other items. Shelving can help you to organize your garage and make it more functional.


Protects your belongings

Another benefit is that shelving can help to protect your belongings. If you have boxes stacked on top of each other, there is a greater chance that they will fall over and damage the contents.

Shelving prevents this from happening because it provides a stable surface for storage.


Helps with storage of seasonal items

It can also help you store seasonal items properly, so you can easily access them during the appropriate season.

If you have many seasonal items like Christmas trees and decorations, it may be challenging to find the right ones if they are all stacked on top of each other.

Shelving can help you keep these things organized and easy to access when needed.


Helps with pest control

If you don’t have shelving in your garage and there is clutter everywhere, there is a greater chance that rodents will start moving into this space as well.

This could lead to more damage and an even messier place than before, which causes many people to no longer want to go near their garages.

By having proper storage with shelving, those living creatures won’t be able to live in your garage anymore.


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What should you consider when purchasing garage shelves?

There are some things you should consider when purchasing new garage shelves, including:


The first thing you should consider is how much space you have in your garage. You don’t want to purchase shelves that are too large or too small for the area.

This will only lead to frustration down the road. Make sure to measure the space in your garage so you get the right size shelves.


Weight Capacity

Another critical factor is weight capacity. Make sure to choose shelves that can hold a lot of weight without bending or breaking.

The weight will go hand in hand with the material used to make the shelves, so if you have a lot of heavy items, ensure you purchase shelves made from a durable material.



Shelving can come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find one that will fit your style. If you want something sleek and modern, there are plenty of options on the market today.

If you need something that will blend into the look of your garage, then there are plenty of options out there for you too.



Another factor you should consider is price. Garage shelves can cost a lot of money, and the more sturdy and durable they are, the higher their price tag will be.

That’s why it’s important to set a budget before venturing out into garage shelving stores.


Ease of installation

Last but not least, you should consider how easy the shelves are to install. Many shelves can be installed in less than an hour, so if you’re handy with a drill, you won’t have any problems getting them up and running.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable installing them yourself, there are always professionals out there who can help you with the task.

Just make sure to do a bit of research on your end before hiring someone.


Which is the right material to choose?

There are many different materials used to make shelving, so it’s important to choose one that is ideal for storage in a garage. Some popular choices include:


Wooden shelves

Wooden shelves are a popular choice because they are affordable and easy to install.

They are also very sturdy, making them perfect for storing heavy items.

However, they can be susceptible to water damage if not properly sealed, so make sure to seal them with a waterproofing product if you live in a humid climate.


Metal Shelves

Metal shelves are another great option for garage storage. They are very strong and can hold a lot of weight without bending or breaking.

Metal shelves can also be powder-coated to match the color of your garage, which is a nice touch. The only downside is that metal shelves can get quite cold in winter.


Plastic Shelves

Plastic shelves are probably the least expensive option on the market today, and they are very easy to install.

However, because they are made from plastic and not a more durable material, there is a chance that they can break if moved around too much.

They also tend to be quite flimsy, so you may need support brackets underneath them for added stability.


Final Thoughts

If your garage has any of the signs discussed here, including inadequate space, clutter, safety, and pests concerns, you might want to consider a garage shelving unit for your storage needs.

Remember to take into account how much space you have, how much weight the shelves can hold, and what design would look best in your garage.

Once you have all this in place, it’s time to start shopping.

Since there are many different options out there, take your time and find the perfect set for your needs.

Remember, this is an investment that will make your life a lot easier, so don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more money on quality shelves.


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