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Small Kitchens: 27 Ways to Make More Space


Small kitchens are not the end of the world. When you have a small kitchen, it is important to be creative and find ways to make more space.

You might think that there is no way to make your small kitchen feel bigger, but in this blog post, we will share ways to help you get rid of clutter and open up space.

Small kitchens can be challenging, but you can make more space with a little creativity. For instance, you can install shelves above the cabinets to create storage space.

This is a great way to store items you don't use often and free up cabinet space. Alternatively, you can use an island or countertop extension to give yourself more work surface area.

This is especially helpful if you don't have a lot of countertop space, to begin with. Here are some of the best tips to create more space in your small kitchen.

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Making Space in a Small Kitchen


1. Store Your Things in Your Oven

To maximize the limited cabinet and countertop spaces in your tiny kitchen, use any available vertical room – from shelves or drawers to cabinets.

For all their versatility, ovens are also great for storage.

Most people don’t realize how often they can find themselves using an appliance like this one: storing baking sheets while not cooking; cooling racks after finishing a dishwasher cycle (so no need to set them out on milk jugs); covering leftover food such as casserole dishes with foil before putting away.


2. Use Storage Rods

Tension rods are great for organizing food storage spaces. Make sure you have enough of them so that all your cooking utensils don’t end up on the floor or in a jumbled mess.

Use these small but powerful tools by hanging it vertically with one rod, then adding more tension as needed to keep things tidy and easy-to-use – just like they were when someone else did all this work already for us.


3. Open Up Your Kitchen Walls

In old buildings, opening up the kitchen is often difficult due to pipes in place.

However, you can still add light and air by removing even a small section of walling which will help connect your cooking space more closely with other areas inside the home, such as the dining room or living area.

It creates more space and helps it become another useful storage, and gives it some much-needed personality while updating its functionality.

We recommend taking advantage when renovating projects include reworking layouts, so they don’t end up feeling too static.


4. The Inside of Cabinet Doors Make Good Storages

The inside of cabinet doors is a great place to store things like dish towels and potholders. You can also use it as an area for organizing your spices, baking items, or even drinks.


5. Opt for the Small Sink

The tiny sink is an essential prep tool for any chef. It can be used to wash dishes or prep food if your larger cooking surface becomes too dirty and needs cleaning, but it also doubles as a protective cover when not needed.



6. Use the Space Under Your Sink

Make sure you’re using all of the storage space under your sinks correctly by organizing them with baskets, so they don’t look cluttered when someone looks at it from above.

Also, putting items like dish soap in clear containers will make it easier for people to know what is inside without opening each container every time they need something out of these cupboards, saving loads of time and effort overall.


7. Find a Space for Your Freezer Elsewhere

When the space in your kitchen is limited, consider moving a freezer elsewhere.

You can keep appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers close to where you work or do most of your cooking, so there’s no need for an extra walk out into another room just because it has more storage capacity than what’s available inside.


8. Utilize the Open Side of the Cabinet

There is an open side to a cabinet that you may not have seen before. This can be used for hanging items like shelves or small utensils, such as cutting boards and spice racks.


9. Consider Concealing Your Fridge

This small kitchen idea is one of the most expensive, but it has an immense impact on how your space looks.

By hiding all essential appliances within cabinetry, you can create a seamless look for both front and backside dishes with just two doors or drawers open at once.


10. Dispose of Anything You are not Using

First, throw out anything that’s past its expiration date or dirty. Next, do a deep clean of the refrigerator to eliminate any nasty germs lurking in there.

Then go through each cabinet one by one until all items are tossed appropriately for this step.

Do not leave trash on top as it will just get pushed down deeper every time someone opens their own door/drawer etc., making access more difficult when looking around later at night without turning.


11. Hang Your Mugs

Hanging mugs can be an easy way to save space in your pantry.

All you need are some hooks, which will allow them to hang from their handle so that it’s easier than ever before to look for something specific without having clutter everywhere.


12. Fix Your Dish Washing

Streamline dish duty in your small kitchen with the help of some clever design ideas. One great option is to install an elegant, stainless steel compact rack that folds away when not being used.

This ensures you have more counter space and keeps dishes clean without taking up any valuable dining room or living area real estate.


13. Get a Kitchen Island

Does your kitchen have an insufficient amount of space? If so, don’t worry. You can still bring in a slimming island for prep and conversation.

Consider choosing one with wheels to easily move when needed or choose from many other options like rolling kitchens that are pushed out-of-the-way once dinner has been cooked (and cooling).

Whether you want something simple & basic, country chic style – there’s going be something perfect just waiting.


14. Paint it white

White is the ultimate under-sunner. It’s airy and light, making any space seem bigger with its reflectivity that will bounce off of your walls in all directions.

To bring out this pigment’s versatility for brightening up an otherwise dark room or closet-makeover project—start by displaying dish sets made out solely from whiteware on exposed shelving, so every surface has some coverage (and visual weight).


15. Think Vertically

Installing pot racks, knife mounts, and open shelving above your stove will free up tons of space.

There are many ways to organize the kitchen with these hanging storage systems that can be customized for any need – from cooking utensils or dishware in one rack sets all way down below just about anything imaginable on higher levels.


16. Opt for Small Appliances

The small appliances that were once reserved for apartments are now available in high-quality models.

Some examples include combination microwaves, ovens with convection capabilities, browning plates, and toaster ovens built specifically designed by chefs who want more than one cooking option at their disposal when the company comes over or just needs something fast.

The new wave of these highly specialized products has arrived on the market – take advantage before they’re gone forever because if you don’t get them now, there will be no going back.


17. Accentuate Your Space

If your kitchen is small, adding a rug and other warm accents can make it feel cozier.

In addition, a piece of good quality jute or hemp mat will help protect against spills in this space since its natural colors are forgiving of any spillages that happen along their surface.


18. Consider Concealed storage

Designing concealed storage for your kitchens can help you create extra space.

Open shelving can lead to dust, and there’s less of a desire to showcase what lies behind cabinetry – so it makes sense that people would want this feature.

These ideas are endless if you’re designing your kitchen from scratch or overhauling one in stages.

You can have hidden storage for your appliances by creating custom doors. You can tuck away an island banquette into its baseboard moldings-and even devised pullout marble pantries where outlets will remain out but accessible at all times.


19. Consider the Space Above Your Counter

You can use the wall space above your counter for additional storage and decorating. Create an incredibly efficient system with shelves, hooks, or pegs to contain mugs.

This gives you easy access to food dishes like pans & utensils without taking any precious cooking area away from what’s being used actively during meal prep time.


20. Utilize Your Island Fully

To make sure your cabinet storage is efficient and easy to navigate, consider using two different types of cabinets.

This way, you can open both sides or back to shallow front drawers for shorter items like milk jugs while keeping taller bottles in an island-style microwave-safe holder on top with plenty of visibility through clear glass doors.


21. Have Seats That Tuck

When you need to cook dinner but don’t have enough space for a countertop and eat-at surface, consider buying one of these nifty dinette tables with two functions.

These lightweight stools or chairs will tuck under your compact kitchen’s smallest available vantage point, so they’re out of sight when not being used.


22. Rearrange Your Kitchen

By positioning your range on an island or peninsula rather than against a wall, you can still use central hood fans that leave cabinet walls open for storage.

This setup leaves the center of the room free so as not to block conversation and sightlines while allowing uninterrupted upper cabinets in main rooms where many people would like their cookware.


23. Add Interior Cabinets

The answer to storage nightmares is in the kitchen drawer. Interior cabinet organizers eliminate wasted space by making sure your pots and pans are easy to find when it matters most- cooking time.

A smarter way of storing things can take pressure off from finding where everything went during cleanup duty at night.

With these handy tools around, there won’t be any need anymore, not even close – they’ll all fit nicely together, so nothing gets lost or left behind.


24. Use Open Shelves

Embrace the beauty of open shelving without giving up any storage space. Suppose you’re looking to create a more formal and professional look in your home office or study.

In that case, these shelves are perfect for providing easy access while still hiding away messy items like printer ink containers underneath their surface.



25. Consider a Pass-Through

What is the best way to maximize your kitchen’s space and make it feel bigger?

Open up a pass-through. One very effective method for doing this is building an adjacent counter that folds over from one side, creating enough room in the middle.

This will allow you access while still providing separation between cooking areas or storage spaces on either end of the said opening (you can even extend these wing chairs if need be).


26. Consider an Open Island Cart

If you’re looking for a kitchen design that’s open and airy, then the cart-style island is perfect.

With its barely-there look, these islands give your space an elegant simplicity while still offering useful storage on all sides of it.


27. Consider a Tray

It’s such an easy fix. Simply gather your knives, spoons, or teacups onto one tray.

This will visually trick the brain into seeing them as organized while also making it easier on yourself because there are no more dishes piling up in cabinets and countertops, which only encourage clutter rather than solutions to free you from its grasp once again.



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