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AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier Review

I lived in a poorly ventilated room. Since the air would stagnate quickly and no fresh air could replace it, it became hard for me to occupy the space, and I had to search for a solution.

Unfortunately, the AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier was nonexistent when I got one. Nevertheless, I hope it did since the appliance efficiently cleanses the air.


AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier: Worth it?

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Air Purifier

Whether you reside in a big city or rural town, you may come across the challenges of poor outdoor air quality.

However, the same walls and doors which protect your house from the contaminants could create an entry for unwelcome pollutants like pollen.

Since so much time is expended indoors, the effect of indoor air pollution could imagine.

Walls and doors are important for comfort. They give shelter from the rain. The need for indoor spaces came about many centuries ago and is necessary today.

Unfortunately, the design of contemporary features might pose massive challenges from indoor air quality.

Hence, when thinking about your exposure to air pollution, the air contaminants you come across at your home play a crucial role since most people breathe in more indoor air than outdoor.

A larger fraction of the human population spends more than 90 percent of their time indoors.

Ergo, the air standard within the house is more crucial than outdoor air quality due to the exposure time to pollution.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality can be twice as bad as outdoor air quality.

Hence, if you seek to improve the air quality within your home, the AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier is a viable alternative.

It is a high-end appliance that eliminates pollutants affecting you and your family, suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

However, before buying any air purification device, it is critical to ask yourself the following questions, including:

  • How much do you value efficiency?
  • The size of the room do you mean to keep the air cleaner device in?
  • The kind of air contaminants you are aiming at eliminating?
  • Can you stand noise generation?


Presenting the Product

The AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier should be on your radar as you search for an air cleaning appliance.

There are many things when you consider the best air purifier, and the one people rank the highest is how well it cleans the air.

The AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier is good due to its ability to purify even the minutest of pollutants and its swift cleansing compared to alternatives.

The appliance made its way into the limelight as a contemporary air purifying device, which does not rely on filters to purify the air.

It achieves this by breaking disintegrating particles at the molecular level and then giving out uncontaminated, fresh air into your room free of harmful microbes.


AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier Review-2-min



  • Purifies air faster than alternatives
  • Quiet
  • Lifelong service contract


  • Small room coverage
  • It does not work as it should when smoke and allergens are involved
  • No self-handling attributes


Features and Benefits


AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier Review-4-min


Design and Usability

A boxlike, modern-looking tower air purifier is easy to carry due to its compact nature. AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier is very “placable,” even in small rooms filled with furniture.

Its 6-pound weight allows you to move it from one room to another with minimal effort.

Despite its low weight, the build quality for the appliance is great, with no plastic materials deployed.

Instead, the whole machine casing is fabricated from anodized brushed aluminum and polymer’s body.

A filterless PCO technology translates to less ventilation necessary to draw in the air; hence, less threatening is off-gassing.

In addition, the neat design minimizes the probability of a toddler putting in their fingers or objects in the inlet.

Power and Speed

The AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier possesses a 3 in 1 AHPCO Cell, Bi-Polar and germicidal UVC, efficiently removing 99 percent of mold and other harmful bacteria and viruses.

In this regard, the appliance matches the AirFree Air Purifier in pollutant obliteration.

In reality, it performs way better than AirFree because it does not take four weeks to improve the room’s air quality ultimately.


Many filterless air cleaners do not perform as purposed with massive room coverage. The AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier is no different.

At 300 square feet, it stands out from most of the competition. Nonetheless, 300 square feet is not comparable to appliances fitted with filters.

If you seek to cover your entire property, you will need to purchase several.


The lack of filters in the AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier gives people joy since you will not spend your hard-earned money on expensive filters.

Nonetheless, this device is not the best at handling odors, smokes, and allergens.


One of the most amazing things about the AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier is that it comes with a lifelong service contract more than what the competition gives.

Regrettably, it does not come with a timer, self-handling mode, or other supportive properties, allowing you to switch it on and carry on with your other duties.

Fan speed

The AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier cleaner is fitted with a single fan speed. Acceptable for daily use with no complex alterations to work amateurishly on.

The silent output allows you to leave it in operation for hours. The AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier can cleanse 300 square feet of room space in an ideal situation.

Hence, it is suitable for office, sitting room, bedroom, and poorly ventilated basement, demanding unelaborated yet efficient air purification.

Filters and Performance

Unlike many UV air purifiers fitted with one filtration, the AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier is powered by advanced hydrated photocatalytic oxidation (AHCPO) with germicidal UVC.

A cutting-edge technology that assists in air purification in space shutters.

The incoming vapor is sterilized through an AHCPO catalyst, and the UV light kills roughly 99 percent of the mold, bacteria, viruses, and MRSA.

The machine also gets rid of poisonous chemicals like aeroallergens to trace levels. The Bi-polar ionization diffuses ions into the air and disintegrates airborne particles on a molecular level.

Lastly, the remnant oxidizers will slowly evolve into safe hydrogen and oxygen.

Noise and Energy Usage

With the AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier, expect a silent operation at less than 30dB during the appliance’s entire process.

The slight noise distraction is suitable for binge-watching, home office, and night use. In addition, the AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier is also very energy-efficient.

Its energy usage is unexpectedly low considering its dependence on Germicidal UVC light.

At a steady 15 watts of energy consumption, expect energy cost within the region of $0.03 for 12 hours.

Pricing and Maintenance Cost

The AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier is a pretty affordable UV Ionic cleaner for under 500 dollars.

For the dimes you part with, you get improved 3 stage purification technologies, which are almost maintenance-free.

There is no high HEPA filter cost to bear as the purification machine does not use conformist filters.

The only replacement cell, which demands substituting every two years, will cost you less than 100 bucks.

There are not many places where you can get the AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier.

The company’s official website is the most incredible place to visit with free shipping, a monthly satisfaction guarantee, and 24-hour client support.

Also, Amazon is another top pick due to its seasonal discounts, free shipping, and stress-free incentives, which you would expect no less.

Other retailers like Home Depot and Walmart could also have the appliance.

Low Maintenance, High Performance

The AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier turns on or off. There are no sophisticated settings to understand, filters to swap, or maintenance activities to carry out.

An audible alarm tells you when the AHCPO cells demand changing. Initially developed by NASA, AHCPO innovation has evolved the air purification sector.

In most cases, it achieves better and more efficiently than a HEPA system, and you do not need to substitute expensive filters often.

The alarm rings when the lamp burns out, but the AHCPO cell should be swapped every three years for better performance because its performance goes below 80 percent after the first two years.


AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier Review-3-min


What Others Are Saying

I have had the AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier in my sitting room for more than a year, and I feel the difference in air quality. The appliance is worth every dime.

Review #1

It works as described because it gets rid of odors in my house amazingly.

Review #2

This appliance is silent, and I feel the difference with my respiratory complications when not using it.

Review #3

I suffer from respiratory complications, and things tend to go wrong at night. However, I felt the change on the first night; the air in our bed chamber felt crisp and pure, and I inhaled with no challenges.



TRACS® Portable UV-C Air Purifier TM-250


TRACS® Portable EZ-Air Purification System-AA-min



The TRACS® Portable UV-C Air Purifier TM-250 is a multi-stage air cleaner that blends HEPA filtration that eradicates 99.99 percent of contaminants, activated carbon filtration to eliminate bad scents and gases, and ultraviolet irradiation innovation famous for disabling microbes.

The TM-250 has up to 1,875 square feet of coverage. The device’s whisper-quiet operation and low maintenance cost ensure that the appliance is the air purifier of the future.

The TM-250 is the only medical-grade air cleaner constructed in the United States from solid steel with a lifelong service contract. It costs $1,199.00.

Tracs TM-250 vs. AirOasis IonicAir

  • The IonicAir is filterless, while the TM-250 is fitted with HEPA filter traps.
  • Both cleaners are portable.
  • In terms of coverage, TM-250 covers a six-time wider area compared to the AirOasis IonicAir.


Pure Enrichment®️ PureZone™️




The Pure Enrichment®️ PureZone™️ is a whisper-quiet machine with a few noteworthy attributes. If silence and price are your top priorities, Pure Enrichment®️ PureZone™️ is your go-to device.

However, the appliance is considered by many an average performer.

It is silent and functional in small spaces, but it lacks enough power in huge rooms larger than 100 square feet. The device cost $99.99.

Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 vs. AirOasis IonicAir

  • The PureZone has three fan speeds, while the AirOasis IonicAir has only 1.
  • The two machines have built-in UV-C light.
  • They are both energy efficient.


Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier with UV Light Sanitizer




There are a lot of excellent air cleaners out there; however, if you are looking for one that is affordable and combines four popular products into one, you should consider the Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier.

Most reviewers on Amazon talk about this cleaner that serves as an odor reducer.

It also serves as a microbes-eradicating sanitizer; it is a $90 machine and one of the vendor’s best-selling air cleaners generally, which is quite inspiring considering there are more than 1,000 featured in its collection.

Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier vs. AirOasis IonicAir

  • Both gadgets are whisper-silent
  • The Germ Guardian is cheaper than the AirOasis IonicAir, which goes for $499.


Final Thoughts

Air contaminants pose severe respiratory conditions, which may prove fatal. Children and older adults are commonly affected, causing pneumonia and breathing challenges.

Fortunately, your room can be filled with fresh air courtesy of AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier. The machine eliminates airborne pathogens, allergens, and awful scents; thus, ensuring you enjoy your time at home or office.

The AirOasis IonicAir™ UV Purifier is cherished for its ability to deal with tiny particles and its swiftness in purifying compared to other alternatives.

In addition, it can handle a space 50 square feet bigger than its competition, and it has a lifetime warranty.


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