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AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser Review

I discovered fragrance diffusers when I went to my friend’s house, and it smelled fresh and inviting.

A fragrance diffuser is a great way to refresh my house with a great fragrance and to use essential oils to make the atmosphere relaxing and rejuvenating for myself and my visitors.

The AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser has been an excellent option in creating a refreshing atmosphere in my home.


AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser: Worth It?




Things To Consider Before Buying A Fragrance Diffuser

A fragrance diffuser makes the space in your home or office smell fresh and inviting. Diffusers are best for people looking for their living spaces to have a fresh and inviting fragrance.

They are also safer than scented candles for people who have pets or small children as they are not in danger of being knocked over.

When looking to buy a fragrance diffuser, consider some things.

There are different types of diffusers: ultrasonic diffusers, nebulizing diffusers, heat diffusers, and evaporative diffusers. All of them work differently.

The ultrasonic diffuser works by adding water to the essential oil before it disperses the mixture in the room, while heat diffusers heat the mixture of oil and water.

Evaporative diffusers diffuse scents in the essential oils by using atomizers. They diffuse scents very quickly in the room because the oil is pure and not diluted with water.

The size of the room matters because you will need to get a fragrance diffuser that can effectively fill the room with fragrance.

A small diffuser in a large room will not have much effect.

On the converse, a large diffuser in a small space may overwhelm the room with a strong fragrance, so it feels overwhelming rather than pleasant.

Diffusers make some noise as they run; you will need to consider the noise levels of the diffuser before getting one.

If you will place it in the bedroom, a low noise level diffuser is best not to interrupt your sleep.

You will also need to consider the essential oils you will use. Different oils work better with specific diffusers because of their viscosity.

Also, consider how easy or difficult it is to clean. You can also get a diffuser with extra features such as LED lights for aesthetic purposes.

You can also get a diffuser with a timer to automatically shut itself off after some time.


What is the AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser?

AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser is a sleek and modern-looking nebulizing diffuser.

It works by using pressurized air to release the scent in the essential oils in a high-velocity air stream.

With this diffuser, you will not need to dilute the oils with water, but you use them as they are. It covers over one thousand square feet in a room, and it can diffuse the fragrance of the oils quite fast.

A 120 ml bottle of essential oils can last for three months, making it a great bargain buy. You do not have to refill water every day, which is a plus, and you can adjust the scent intensity via Bluetooth.

It works efficiently to create a relaxing atmosphere in diffusing refreshing and soothing essential oils.


Features & Benefits


AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser-2-min


Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth controls the AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser, enabling you to choose different levels and intensities of scent diffusion in a room and create the perfect fragranced environment.
You can control the diffuser from your smartphone or tablet when the Bluetooth function is on and adjust the scent intensity.

It makes it convenient to adjust the length of time that the diffuser will run, saving energy. This control ensures that the fragrance in the room is suitable for the best refreshing environment.

Save Time And Energy

You can pre-set the length of time this diffuser from AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser will run with the twenty-four timer.

The timer is safe and convenient so that if you will not be home the whole day, it automatically turns off after some hours.

It will save you energy because it is not on when it does not have to be.

The automatic ability to put it off will also prevent it from overheating and getting damaged if the diffuser bottle’s oil gets finished.

You can also set the scent intensity to range from high to low at specific times based on the number of people in a room or the airflow in the room.

It ensures that your space is constantly fresh and smells good all the time. You can set this function from your phone.

It also helps you save your essential oils as you will only use what you need.

Uses Cold Air Diffusion Technology

The AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser uses cold-air diffusion technology, which is a system that does not use heat to disperse essential oil molecules into the air.

AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser has patented this technology. It is efficient because it can quickly dispense oil molecules in a room of a thousand square feet in a short time.

The technology works by actively filtering cold air from the room and then diffusing the essential oils into the air as a very dry mist.

Dispersing the fragrance with cold air is the safest and cleanest way to fill a room with a scent.

Air purity is because cold air does not dilute the scented oils, disperse other unnecessary substances into the atmosphere, or leave a residue.

This technology is how the diffuser can cover an ample space in a short period and leave an intense fragrance.

Helps Reduce Pollutants In The Air

Cold air technology helps reduce pollutants found in the air, such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne particles.

The cold air from the diffusers will not disperse any other pollutant in the air but will cause them to sink to the ground.

Only the fragrance oil particles will diffuse into the air. The filtering of pollutants makes the room air quality high which is a plus. It also does not leave any residue in the diffuser.

Runs Quietly

The AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser runs quietly, making it ideal for placing in the bedroom and other rooms where quiet is important.

The noise levels when the diffuser is running are whisper quiet despite the power it uses when dispensing the fragrance.

The diffuser helps create a calming atmosphere as it is unobtrusive while running, unlike other powerful models that can be obvious when running.

It needs a power source and runs on 110 to 240 volts of electricity.

It Has A Modern And Stylish Look

The diffuser from AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser comes in a stylish and modern design that elevates the look of your space.

It comes in gold, contemporary black, or silver in a tube-like container. It is made from recycled aluminum that is hard not to get damaged easily.

It is light enough to move the diffuser from room to room, but it is not so light that it can easily topple over.

It uses a bottle of 120ml of essential oils, which is small enough to make the diffuser unobtrusive in the room you place it in.

The diffuser comes with an empty bottle of the correct size. However, you will need to buy the essential oil.

It is especially beneficial if placed in a spa where the atmosphere needs to be ultra-relaxing for the people who visit.

Convenient And Safe To Use

You do not need to fill the diffuser with water every day to work as it should. You need to put it on and control the settings from your smartphone.

The AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser is also easy to clean. Once you fill in the essential oils in the bottle and plug it in, set the controls and it is ready for use.

For people with pets and small children who can knock over scented candles, this diffuser is safe to use as it can be plugged in out of reach in a room.

It is also durable and with proper care will last for a long time and work efficiently.


AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser-3-min


What Others Think

While looking for reviews online, I came across some positive ones:

Review #1

“I bought this diffuser to make my home smell good. I know when I walk into a house, you may smell old musty or a dog, stale perfume. My son and his wife came to visit, and later I asked them what they smelled. They said fresh…Did I say, like a nice hotel? They said, “YES!” This product is excellent; my only other consideration would be hook it up to the air/heat system. The product is a little pricey for me, but the results were fantastic!”

Review 2

“I live in a modestly sized condo. The app is easy to set up and use; the device plugs in and looks stylish sitting on my side table. It makes my home smell fresh and inviting, and it is something I enjoy every time I come home. The fact that I can adjust the intensity of the aroma is AMAZING. I set varying timing schedules which control when and how much (intensity) oil is diffused that is why I’m not diffusing an empty home.”



Vitruvi Stone Diffuser


Vitruvi Stone Diffuser-min



The Vitruvi Stone Diffuser is a trendy fragrance dispenser that is beautiful and efficient. It is made of matte ceramic and can be a decor piece.

It uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse the essential oils in the air. It dispenses fragrance in a space of up to five hundred feet.

It automatically goes off when the water in the diffuser runs out or when the set time is up. This feature makes it safe to use as it will not overheat.

Stone Diffuser vs. AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser

  • Diffuses fragrance up to 500 feet Diffuses fragrance up to 1000 feet
  • Need to mix water with the essential oil to work Only needs essential oil to work
  • Costs $119 Costs $349.00


Phoenicia Essence Amazer Plus™


Phoenicia Essence Amazer Plus-min



The Phoenicia Essence Amazer Plus™ is an atomizing diffuser that does not use power. It comes with LED lights that change color.

It uses Bluetooth technology to operate the intensity of the scent released and the amount of time the diffuser will run, which is convenient.

You can operate the settings from your smart device. You will not need to add water to use the diffuser.

Amazer Plus™ vs. AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser

  • Uses Bluetooth technology to run Uses Bluetooth technology to run
  • Does not need to mix water with the essential oil Only needs essential oil to work
  • Costs $98.00 Costs $349.00


The Halo


Guru Nanda Halo-min



The Halo from Guru Nanda is a combination of a humidifier and essential oil diffuser.

It uses ultrasonic technology to diffuse fragrance in a room and circulate moisturized air which improves the air quality in a room vastly.

You can set the diffuser to your preferred timings and intensity settings.

The Halo vs. AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser

  • Uses ultrasonic technology to run Uses Bluetooth technology to run
  • Need to mix water with the essential oil Only needs essential oil to work
  • Costs $59.99 Costs $349.00


Final Thoughts

The AroMini BluetoothTM Fragrance Diffuser creates a great calming effect when you need a fresh and relaxing atmosphere for yourself and your guests.

It can diffuse different fragrance intensities based on how intense you would like the scent to be in the room.

It can be quickly and conveniently operated from your smartphone using Bluetooth technology which is a definite plus.

It can also diffuse fragrance in an ample space in a short while, improving air quality as it does not diffuse any unnecessary molecules in the air.



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