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AromaPro™ Oil Diffuser Review


Oil Diffusers are a great way to pamper myself at home. After a long and tiresome day at work, I always want to relax and unwind when I get home.

An easy way to relax is by adding a few drops of my favorite essential oils to the AromaPro Oil Diffuser for an instant calming ambiance in my living room.


AromaPro™ Oil Diffuser: Is It Useful?

What To Consider Before Buying An Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers break down essential oils into nano-particles which are then released into the air. Having essential oils diffusers into your space has the following benefits;

Colds and Respiratory Problems

Eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon essential oils have anti-microbial properties. The vapor from these oils can reduce respiratory and nasal congestion caused by allergies.

Having an oil diffuser running all day and night dispersing the oil in your living room will help keep colds and flu at bay.

Digestion Issues and Muscle Pain

When looking for medicine alternatives to muscle aches and stomach upsets, you can diffuse some essential oils.

Pine and bergamot oils vapor help out tremendously to relieve these pains. Peppermint oil can be diffused to aid in an increase in energy and control appetite.

Calming Effects

The most popular use for essential oil diffusers provides a relaxing environment. To unwind after a hectic day, vaporized chamomile and lavender oils offer the relief you are looking for at no extra effort from you.

Studies have shown that inhaling the vapor from essential oils can reduce anxiety and stress for most people.

Immunity Boost

Diffusers also act as humidifiers that help keep your air moist, making it easier for you to breathe.

The right amount of moisture in the air helps prevent mold from growing and kills germs and bacteria that may cause harm to human and animal health.

Repelling Mosquito

Instead of using mosquito repellants that may contain harmful chemicals, you can diffuse some clove or lemongrass essential oils.

These two oils work great to keep mosquitoes at bay, especially in your kids’ bedrooms.

Care should be taken when using an oil diffuser for pregnant women, infants below the age of two, and pets allergic to essential oils.

If your diffuser requires you to mix water and the essential oils, you need to regularly empty the water to avoid the growth of bacteria, which, when inhaled, can be detrimental to your health.

Some of the things to consider before you purchase an aromatherapy diffuser include;

  • The vapor amount the diffuser gives out
  • How much noise the machine makes when operating
  • The reservoir size
  • The size and weight of the diffuser
  • The area which the mist will cover
  • How long the diffuser can work

The AromaPro Scent Machine uses nebulizing technology to convert essential oils into a fine mist and disperses the vaporized oils into the air.

This product claims to reduce allergens and dust and creates a more serene environment for your family and pets.

The machine comes with an empty half-liter oil bottle, an instruction manual, and a warranty. Compared to earlier models like the AroMini BT, this version has a bigger bottle size that requires lesser refills while maximizing the scent coverage area.

This is an excellent product if you want to cleanse and add a beautiful natural fragrance to your home. Some merits and demerits of using this machine are.


AromaPro™ Oil Diffuser-1b-min



  • The mist released does not leave a residue on your furniture.
  • You don’t have to dilute the oils because of the technology utilized by this machine.
  • The machine can be mounted to a wall or stand on its own


  • You will require an adapter when using the product internationally.
  • The product comes with one 500ml bottle without the essential oils
  • You will require a professional cleaner to get rid of dirt build-up



AromaPro™ Oil Diffuser Features & Benefits

The AromaPro™ is an excellent fit for most people because of the following features;

Nebulizing Technology

With this technology in the AromaPro™, you do not need to dilute your essential oils with water or alcohol. This means that the oils remain unadulterated and fragrant as you use them.

The cold-air diffusion technology converts the essential oils into a super fine mist that quickly penetrates through the air and provides maximum results.

The size of the particles means that they last longer in the air making your home smell great for a very long time.

This waterless feature makes the machine even safer to use and reduces the chances of bacteria growth and dispersion.


It is relatively easy to place the AromaPro™ by mounting it on the wall or standing it on the floor.

This feature makes it ideal for use when you have pets and kids as you can efficiently mount it on a wall.

The size of this machine is 11 inches in width, 10 inches in height, and 3.5 inches in depth; these dimensions make it ideal for both small rooms and large spaces.


This home appliance covers an area of 500- 4000 square feet of a given space. This means that you can decide how far you want the fragrance to reach.

The adjustable fragrance intensity feature of the AromaPro™ also comes in handy when you need to freshen up various spaces of the house more than others.

For instance, you may want a more pleasant scent in the living area than in the bedrooms, and you can conveniently adjust this all with a single touch using the external dials.

The customizable timer enables you to set the time and day when the machine operates.

You can choose the device to go on just before you get home, and this way, you get to enjoy the beautiful therapeutic scents as soon as you reach your house.

The LCD makes it easy to monitor the scent levels and adjust them accordingly.


As earlier stated, oil diffusers are used for their calming effects. Being in a noisy environment decreases the chances of attaining complete tranquility and peace of mind.

You don’t have to worry about this appliance as it is ultra-quiet when in operation.

You can turn on the diffuser at night in the bedrooms, even for the kids, without any reservations of the machine being too loud and startling you as you sleep.

The AromaPro™ is also quite energy-efficient, saving you money on electricity bills.

The whisper noise level makes this product ideal for hospitals to create a more therapeutic ambiance for patients and hospital staff.


This AromaPro™ though potent, weighs only 7 pounds. This makes it quite portable, which gives you the freedom to use it anywhere.

Instead of carrying bug spray when camping, you can use this oil diffuser to disperse some clove essential oil mist and protect yourself from mosquitoes and bugs.

HVAC Properties

HVAC refers to heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems used to improve and set the quality of air in small and large areas.

The HVAC feature enables you to set a specific scent for your home, office, and business that customers can relate to when they are in that space.

For instance, if you run a clothing store, running a diffuser may make your customers feel more relaxed as they shop, boosting sales and giving your clients a great shopping experience.


The AromaPro™ is made from recycled acrylic and aluminum.

This high-quality oil diffuser gives you value for money because the acrylic and aluminum exterior lasts for a long time and is easy to clean.

You can choose from two cover colors: modern white, whose casing is also white and sleek black.

Power and Consumption

This oil diffuser can be used in most parts of the world because it can handle the ac voltage from most outlets.

This dual voltage feature means that you do not require a voltage converter to use the product.

The AromaPro™ has a rating of 110-240 voltage power source. The diffuser uses about 2ml of oil per hour, making the essential oil last up to one month without requiring a refill.

Setting Up

The AromaPro™ is relatively easy to use, and you do not need a technician to set it up for you.

All you need to do is fill the oil bottle with your undiluted essential oil of choice, screw the bottle into the diffuser, and you’re ready to go.

During the initial stages, it is advisable to use the machine on a low setting and adjust as you go along.




What Others Are Saying

The AromaPro Oil Diffuser has some great reviews from customers that have used it.

Review #1

“Great product. It works extremely well, and the company is beneficial with questions I had concerning picking the right fragrance. We will use this again at our other locations!

Review #2

” I like the way I can fill around 1000 m2 of space in a couple of seconds.

Review #3

“Everything is good so far. We’ve had it for about two weeks, and I highly recommend it.”


Alternative Oil Diffusers

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser



The InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser is an excellent option if you are looking for a small diffuser, especially for your bedroom.

You can set it on either intermittent or continuous mist release options.

InnoGear vs. AromaPro

  • The InnoGear diffuser requires you to mix the essential oils with water then the mixture is turned into mist.
  • It comes in 8 different colors that can act as a night light and also be used to set the atmosphere and mood.


Guru Nanda Halo Essential Oil Diffuser


Guru Nanda Halo-min



The Guru Nanda Halo has a two in one advantage in that it can be used as an oil diffuser and a humidifier.

Like the diffuser we are reviewing, it works well for small and large spaces and is relatively noiseless.

Guru Nanda Halo vs. AromaPro

  • The AromaPro uses nebulizing technology, while The Halo diffuser uses ultrasonic wave technology.
  • You need to mix the essential oils with water when using The Halo diffuser.
  • The Halo has a 22-hour runtime when compared to the 24 hour coverage time of the AromaPro


Phoenicia Essence Amazer Plus™


Phoenicia Essence Amazer Plus-min



The Phoenicia Essence Amazer Plus™ is a portable diffuser that can be placed in multiple places to provide beautiful scents throughout a given area.

This diffuser also uses cold-air technology with a coverage area of up to 1080 square feet, ideal for small spaces.

This diffuser is a viable option when working with a limited budget.

Phoenicia Essence Amazer Plus™ vs. AromaPro

  • The Amazer Plus can be operated from a Bluetooth app, and you can set the level of intensity.
  • In contrast, with the AromaPro, you can select different fragrance intensity levels from an LCD on the machine.


Final Thoughts

You can try out any of these three diffusers mentioned above and note how they perform against the AromaPro HVAC.

There are many reasons to get a diffuser for your physical and mental health. Diffusers are a fantastic option when you need to get away and relax within your home.

The review of this AromaProTM has demonstrated that;

  1. You can get a better night s sleep without using medication
  2. You can relieve digestive and sinus problems safely and quickly
  3. Relaxation does not have to cost you a fortune

All these are great reasons for you to go out and purchase the AromaProTM Essential Oil Diffuser and step into a world of relaxation and peace whenever you plug it in.



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