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8 Reasons to Own a Portable Gas Pizza Oven

I’ve been using a portable gas pizza oven for half a year now. And the most common question I receive is how different it is from a regular oven.

As someone who enjoys cooking, I always make sure I have the best tools at hand. So, when I learned about portable gas pizza ovens, I immediately purchased one out of curiosity.

I have a regular oven at home, so I decided to compare it with the portable gas pizza oven. Within a few months, I noted the difference and determined why a portable gas pizza oven may be the right oven for you.

The gas pizza oven has been in use by pizzerias for years now. It upgraded to become a portable oven anyone can avail.

The portable gas pizza oven started getting additional interest from individuals at the start of the pandemic, especially since people cook their food at home.

I still cannot get enough of my portable gas pizza oven I bought from Stoke Stove, although I have had it for months now. Here are the reasons why you should also invest in this oven.


Is a Portable Gas Pizza Oven Worth it?


8 Reasons to Own a Portable Gas Pizza Oven 2


1. You Can Take it Anywhere Because it is a Portable

What I love about the portable gas pizza oven is I can use it inside and outside my home. The struggle with having a regular oven is that I can only position it in my kitchen.

On sunny days, most of us wanted to cook in our backyard. It is an opportunity to socialize with other people while cooking, baking, or grilling.

The portable gas pizza oven makes it possible because it is easy to move. It usually weighs around 23 pounds, so it is easy for anyone to carry.

There is no need for you to disassemble it as the portable gas pizza oven is compact size. It has an average item dimension of 66 x 46 x 28 centimeters.

You can also carry the portable gas pizza oven for camping. However, make sure that you carefully place it in your vehicle.

You do not want the oven’s parts jumping all over your car.


2. It is Easy to Assemble and Install

The portable gas pizza oven usually does not come assembled. However, it is actually easy to install because it has a simple build.

Most portable gas pizza ovens may take five minutes to assemble. It has a few screws, but overall not overcomplicated. Though, some people may take time to read the instructions.

When I received my Stoke Pizza oven, I was overwhelmed. I thought I’ll have trouble installing it because it was my first time buying a portable gas oven.

But, it was an easy task that I did not even use the instruction manual. If you are not interested in reading the instructions, there are videos on YouTube to guide you.


3. No More Smoke to Think About

Pizzerias offering authentic pizza flavors use brick-type ovens. This type of oven has the original and legitimate Italian pizza feel to it.

When you visit these pizzerias using brick-type ovens, they use wood to fire them. Wood adds a nutty and smokey flavor to your pizza. It is perfect for pizzerias and people wanting to incorporate new flavors into their recipes.

Unfortunately, wood smoke does not only give dramatic aromas. It is also a health hazard to human health. There are microscopic particles in wood smoke called fine particulate matter or PM2.5.

PM2.5 can enter our body through our eyes and respiratory system, which can lead to burning eye sensation and runny nose. Worse, inhalation of said particles can cause bronchitis.

That is where the portable gas pizza oven comes in. It is smokeless as it does not rely on wood for heat and fire.

The source of energy for this appliance is gas. Gas does not produce fine particulate matter like woods.

However, if your gas oven starts smoking, there might be something wrong with it. Kindly check with your local technician for issues.

Another advantage of a smokeless oven is no smoke smell in your clothes afterward. You can still hang out with others without disrupting them with your smoke scent.


4.You Can Still Achieve That Flame-Cooked Flavor

When I ordered the portable gas pizza oven, there were a lot of things running through my mind. One of them was achieving the flavor profile I wanted for my pizza.

I always like adding a smoky flavor to my pizza with the help of wood. However, with a gas oven, it seems impossible.

But to my surprise, the portable gas pizza oven was able to bake my pizza with flame-cooked flavor. It is a great alternative to that smoky flavor in your pizza.

If the flame-cooked flavor is not something you’re after, you can easily add a few drops of liquid smoke to your pizza.


5. And, You Can Cook Your Meat And Veggies Too!

For a month, I just used the portable gas pizza oven to bake different flavors of pizzas. I was getting the results I wanted. So, I never complain about it baking pizza only.

But, when I started camping, I tried using the portable oven to bake my veggies and meat. The meals were cooked thoroughly with a flame-cooked flavor aroma.

If you are like me who is on the go, then this portable gas pizza oven might be for you. You do not need to bring your portable gas stove anymore.

This gas oven can bake your pizza, meat, and veggies all at the same time. It means more space on your truck and lighter baggage to carry.


6. You Can Adjust The Temperature Easily

I remember watching an intern in a local pizzeria creates batches of pizza. But, all of these pizzas never got served to guests. I wondered why and asked the owner.

He told me the intern either over bake or under bake the pizzas. Since a brick-type oven is unpredictable in terms of temperature, you need first to get the hang of it.

You cannot just throw your pizza on it and expect the best. It can be difficult and tricky, especially for first-time pizza makers.

The portable gas pizza oven makes it easier even for first-time users. You do not need to worry about controlling the heat because there is no wood to worry about.

My Stoke Pizza oven has a gas knob, similar to a burner. It helps me control the temperature of the oven. It is such an amazing feature that I can increase the temperature to 950 Fahrenheit!


7. It Looks Flawless Anywhere You Place It

The portable gas pizza oven’s design is not only compact but also aesthetic. If you are someone who worries about the harmony of design in your kitchen, then do not worry.

The Stoke Stove oven I purchased has a sleek black minimalistic design. It does not look out of place in my kitchen.

Some family members borrowed my portable oven. And it seamlessly blends into their kitchens as if one of their appliances.

All other designs for the portable gas pizza have a sleek and minimalistic aura. Some come in the shade of silver and gray. However, other manufacturers started incorporating new colors for that pop of color.

It also looks neat when you place it in your backyard. The portable oven looks like a small grill, and it does not obstruct your way.

However, the portable gas pizza oven has four short legs around 13 centimeters long. So, you may also want to invest in an outdoor table for it.

You can also place it in your inbuild tops if you have one. Place the portable oven near your stove or cooking area in your kitchen.

It is to control the heat from the gas in one area. Although smokeless, the portable oven still omits heat while in use. It can be uncomfortable having different heat sources scattered around the room.


8 Reasons to Own a Portable Gas Pizza Oven 3


8.There Are Endless Recipes to Try

I was apprehensive when I purchased the portable gas pizza oven. I thought it was a waste of money because I would just cook one meal with it.

Although I love pizza, I also love finding good kitchen deals. Fortunately, the portable gas pizza oven has endless recipes for me to try.

My Stoke Pizza oven comes with a recipe book, which includes a handy grocery checklist. It is helpful, especially for beginners who have no idea what to cook with their gas oven.

In my case, I started getting more comfortable with the oven after multiple trials and errors. I tried testing and lightly baking vegetables on it.

Then, I took it a step further and used it to bake meat. In no time, I started using the portable gas pizza oven with my developed recipes for small gatherings in my home.

It is probably one of the best kitchen investments for people who love to cook.


Wrap Up!

Now that you decided you want to invest in a reliable portable gas pizza oven, why not try and check out Stoke Pizza Oven as a start.


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