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Is Home Composting Worth It?


If you’ve been keeping tabs on all the latest gardening stuff, you might have stumbled upon home composting. Home composting is the process of turning wastes in your home into compost – something that you can use to make your plants healthier and livelier.

It is not as easy as it sounds, though, because sometimes, composting can be messy and may demand more effort than usual. This can make you wonder if home composting is even worth it.

Home composting is worth all the trouble because you can turn dirt into something useful. In today’s world, there are now tools that can make the process simpler and easier for households who wish to adapt composting into their daily lives.

In this article, we would like to dig deeper into how home composting benefits the families who choose to do it and the planet as a whole.


Is Composting Worth the Effort?


Best Home Composting System


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Composting is Good for the Environment

Nowadays, we are used to just putting our waste in the bin for the garbage truck to pick it up. These wastes are filling up the landfills fast and are causing pollution in our environment.

Through composting, these wastes are reduced and put into good use by bringing them back to the soil in the form of a nutritious fertilizer that can help boost your garden.

An average household produces about 15 lbs. of waste weekly. By choosing to maintain a home compost, you are helping decrease this number and are helping make the Earth a little greener.


Composting is Good for your Garden

There are a lot of fertilizers that you can buy to help improve your garden and help your plants thrive better. The problem is that some of these fertilizers contain artificial chemicals and are not organic.

When you do your own compost and use scraps and waste from your own, you are making a nutritious, natural, and organic fertilizer.

This kind is suitable for your garden and the type your plants will love. With this, you won’t need to worry about the fertilizer that goes into your vegetation because you are sure that they are natural and not at all harmful to you and your family.


Composting Can Help you Save

Turning waste into fertilizers can save precious dollars because you won’t need to buy organic fertilizer, which can also cost a lot. Aside from that, when you feed nutritious soil to your plants, it can give back healthy produce that you can harvest and serve to your family.

This will also help you save financially as you will rely on your ability to produce healthy fruits and vegetables.


Composting is a Good Skill to Have

Indeed, there is pride in turning trash into treasure. Composting is an excellent skill to have because nowadays, people mostly rely on buying everything that they need without thinking if they have the capacity to create it.

Composting is a skill because you learn how to transform and reuse things that are deemed as waste and trash in a usual household setting.

With composting, you will know how to look at things in a way that reprocesses and recycles them. Aside from this, it is inevitable that you will learn about gardening and what it takes to cultivate healthy soil that encourages growth and abundance.



Composting Can Attract Pests

Now that we have mentioned why home composting is a good idea, it’s time to discuss some challenges that it can bring. When you practice composting at home, you attract pests interested in your trash.

Composting can often emit a smell that entices rodents, bugs, cockroaches, and other unwanted animals. It can be challenging to drive them away and keep them at bay.

To resolve this, you need to build a fence to protect your compost bin. There are also compost systems such as the Subpod that you need to keep underground and are lockable.

There is no cause to worry about pests disrupting your composting with compost systems like this.

Compost systems such as the Subpod also promise a mess-free and odor-free composting process. Composting will be easier and less of a hassle by choosing these systems.


Composting Needs Time, Effort and Space

Composting is a process that needs time, effort, and space. No method can turn trash into fertilizer overnight. Even the most efficient compost systems need weeks to be fully functional.

Composting may not be for you if you desire an immediate solution. This process is encouraged to be part of your lifestyle and not something instantaneous.

Aside from time, some composting system also needs effort and dedication. For some compost bins, you need to toil the soil a few times a day to have the air that it needs to decompose the waste.

If you can’t afford to do this, check a compost system that requires zero maintenance. Some make use of the vermicomposting process that involves worms and microbes.

This concerns almost no upkeep because you only need to put in the waste daily and wait for the worms to turn it into fertilizer. With this, you won’t need to exert physical labor daily.

Lastly, some compost systems take space, so you need to provide space in your garden or yard. Some compost bins are a bit large in volume to handle enough waste for a household, so you need to consider that before choosing the perfect compost system for your family.

Other compost systems also require being underground, so if you reside in a condominium or a house with limited outdoor space, you need to rethink buying these compost systems.


Choosing the Perfect Compost System

To be successful in your desire to do home composting, choosing the right compost system for you and your family is crucial.

Before buying a compost system, you need to know how the process works and if you can do the upkeep required for a specific compost system.

After this, you also need to determine the amount of space necessary for your bin. Other bins might be too large, and if you have a small family, it will be almost impossible to fill up all that space.

Lastly, you need to consider your location as well. Other compost bins cannot be used in areas with winters that are too cold.

You need to know about how your compost system can function in your climate so you can continue composting even in harsh weather.

After you’ve thought about these essential things, go ahead and buy the perfect compost system that can turn your household waste into something useful.

Remember that composting is a skill and that sometimes it takes practice, too, so you can make the most of it.



Final Thoughts

Home composting is the process of turning your household waste into a nutritious fertilizer that you can add to your garden. It requires time, effort, and space.

It can also pose some challenges regarding pests, mess, and odor. Because of these things, people are thinking twice about deciding to do home composting.

Even if there are challenges in home composting, there are also numerous reasons why others are doing this. It is undeniable that composting is great for the environment.

It can reduce the amount of waste that we’re putting in landfills while allowing individuals and households to save some money. It also allows you to create an organic and chemical-free fertilizer that can make your garden grow and thrive.

Having all these things said, the process of composting can be worth all the trouble. The benefits that we’ve mentioned vastly outweigh the cons. Nowadays, compost systems also directly address the most common problems, such as the effort required and rodent problems.

So it is recommended that you choose the right compost system for you and your household. Composting can be simple, easy, and beneficial to you and your family.


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