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Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven Review


If I could choose one food to be my meal every day, what would that be? Pizza, of course!

Having a Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven would surely come in handy. This oven would save you some cash from all those pizza places you go to, and it also has more features that you would love!


Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven: Should You Buy?

An outdoor pizza oven usually gives you the convenience of baking a pizza in the comfort of your own backyard. Also, you have more freedom to cook more dishes because these ovens are quite flexible and can cook different dishes for you.

Unfortunately, a Stoke Outdoor Pizza oven is not for everyone like any other product.

The cost would be a primary consideration. The Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven can cost you $445.99. But, as the item is on sale, you can get it for only $295.99!

Still, an outdoor pizza oven is an expensive investment. If you are not the type of person who can commit to cooking with this regularly, you might be better off buying take-out pizza.

On the other hand, if you are confident that you can cook with this oven regularly, then this is definitely for you.

This Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven will also suit you if you love exploring different recipes with new cooking equipment. It can help you cook various meals because its internal temperature can be adjusted to fit the recipe.

So, what are the things you need to think about before buying the outdoor oven?


As we noted before, the budget cannot be overlooked when planning a purchase.

The Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven is a pricey investment. So, if this is something outside your budget, it would be discouraging to try and purchase it.

Similarly, if you need a new oven for your home or your outdoor kitchen, you will surely find alternatives perfect for your needs.


To make the most of your oven, you need to use it regularly!

This does not necessarily mean that you would use it every day of your life. But making sure that you utilize your investment is an excellent way to tell that your purchase was worth it.


The Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven can be quite a huge item to have at home. Fortunately, this item is portable.

However, when you are going to cook with it, you need to have adequate space in your yard to set up the whole thing.

Living in a small apartment or a very cramped condominium can be troublesome for cooking with this oven because you also need to consider where and how the smoke will be evacuated.



There are multiple ways to cook a pizza at home. Many companies sell all sorts of ovens for pizza, and each has different specs to suit the needs of their users.

One of these great ovens is the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven. These are unique and flexible oven that uses wood, gas, or charcoal when cooking.

With this product, you can use its dome-shaped cooking chamber for cooking pizza, bread, or other meals. The design of most outdoor pizza ovens makes it possible to reach up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit of internal temperature.

The Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven is an improved version of other household ovens because of its versatility and portability.

Unlike other ovens that are fixed in your kitchen pantry, the outdoor oven is portable and can be set up again quickly as you need it.

Also, this one does not use electricity, unlike most baking ovens. It uses charcoal or wood as fuel.

The Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven can be a game-changer for passionate cooks. But if you did not want the hassle of setting up the wood or coal every time you cook, you would be better off looking for electric ovens.


Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven 4


Pros of the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • Convenient and easy to store
  • Very durable and is easy to use
  • It bakes more than just pizza
  • It can cook faster

Cons of the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven

  • Expensive
  • It could be challenging to get used to
  • It needs extra precaution as you are dealing with live fire and hot coal




An outdoor pizza oven is more than just a piece of equipment for your next pizza party. The product also has different features that can be beneficial if used correctly.

So, here are some features of the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven for you to check out:


An outdoor oven is made from materials that can withstand very high temperatures. Also, the oven’s construction material made it possible to retain heat. After baking, expect some heat to linger inside the oven, which is excellent for keeping your food warm.

Moreover, I would not have to worry about the oven suddenly catching flames or breaking down as I reach its maximum temperature for baking my pizza.

Unfortunately, a heavy-duty material like this can get pretty expensive as this is one of the cutting-edge materials for withstanding high temperatures and retaining the heat.


The Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven is very easy to install. The oven comes with instructions that really helped me put it together.

Surprisingly, it did not take very long, and I was able to start baking on it within 15 minutes!

The oven also has many removable parts because it is made to be portable. Whenever I need it on our next camping trip, I can easily disassemble it and put it in the car for convenient traveling.

Also, the portability makes it very easy to store when not in use.


The temperature from the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven has not disappointed me! This product can cause the intense heat needed to give my pizza crispy edges while thoroughly cooking the dough and toppings.

After setting up the fuel, I estimated around 30 minutes before the oven reached the temperature that I needed for cooking.

This may be more time-consuming if you are a beginner in setting up flames, but I have been used to doing this, so it is much quicker for me.

Fortunately, the capacity of the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven made it possible for me to take as little as two minutes to finish baking my pizza!

Always keep in mind that a hotter oven can help bake better-tasting pizza! So, if you are patient in setting up the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven and its fuel, you can enjoy great-tasting pizza at home.


With insulation, the temperature will be evenly distributed inside the oven, making the heat more efficient as this does not escape.

One of my pet peeves is a pizza that is not baked thoroughly and evenly. The perfect pizza must be baked to perfection as the dough and toppings are cooked simultaneously.

Fortunately, the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven makes it possible to generate enough heat to fully cook the pizza while insulating it to ensure that everything cooks as even as possible.


An outdoor oven uses a different source of energy, which is coal or wood.

Because of this, I find myself cutting costs from my electricity bill! Constantly cooking and baking on electrical appliances have definitely piled up on my bill during the past few months. Now, the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven helped me cut down the costs.

However, this would have the trade-off of having more time-consuming setup preps. I need to get my coal, wood, and matchsticks which can be cumbersome, especially if I want to whip up a quick dinner.


Other ovens and electrical appliances cannot give me the authentic flame-cooked flavor in pizza or other baked dishes!

With the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven, I can easily enhance the flavor of my pizza just because it is cooked over flames.

Sometimes, I tend to forget about my calorie count and eat more. The flame-cooked flavor is unique and tasty that I might want to get seconds.

If you are like me, who needs some reminders on losing weight, you can check this detailed article here.


The Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven despite its name, is not just made to bake pizza. Each unit is sold with a quick recipe guide with different dishes that you can bake!

I find this very useful because I prefer variety with my meals. Furthermore, I am more enticed to use the oven because I want to try out as many recipes as possible.

One hearty recipe that can be tried in the oven is baking loaves of bread and pastries. You can check out this article on the best keto bread to help you include a healthy baked treat in your meal.


Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven 1



Many competitor brands make different designs and features for their outdoor oven. It is a prudent move to explore alternatives available in the market to help you decide what model and brand to purchase for your needs.

So, here are three other alternatives to the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven:




Bertello’s outdoor pizza oven uses coal, wood, or propane gas as fuel for baking in the oven.

Purchasing the product at $469.99 will give you a gas burner, pizza wheel, wood tray, and thermometer. Each of these is essential to your next outdoor baking experience.

The Bertello Outdoor Pizza oven provides more flexibility with its fuel source. So, if you have trouble committing to just wood and charcoal, having the propane gas as an option for this oven would surely be a great choice.


  • More flexibility in fuel choice if you would purchase Bertello’s oven
  • The internal temperature of Bertello’s oven is slightly higher than what Stoke can promise





Big Horn’s pizza oven has a unique and sturdy design made from the best grade of stainless steel! There are definitely no issues with the durability of this oven

The Stoke’s oven can be a bulky item. Fortunately, you can check out the Big Horn Pizza Oven if you want a more compact option!


  • Big Horn is a more compact oven even when fully set up
  • Big Horn promotes that cooking in this oven is one of the simplest ways for a pizza oven.





Baking authentic and smokey pizza at home will be easier with Ooni Koda Gas Pizza Oven. The primary material for this oven is cast iron, which weighs more than 40 pounds.

Coal and wood are difficult fuels to use. Customers would love to choose Ooni Koda because of the convenience of using a gas to power it up


  • Ooni Koda uses a gas tank to fire up your oven quickly
  • Ooni Koda has fantastic heat retention and is more efficient in energy because it utilizes gas instead of coal.



Final Thoughts

If you are a foodie who enjoys a nicely baked pizza, you will surely love the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven.

Not everybody has the luxury of cooking pizza in the comfort of their households. And it is also unfortunate to see that some take-out pizzas lack that authentic smokey pizza flavor.

The Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven review has shown that this product is a fantastic solution to these problems.

If you want a unique baking experience that can help thoroughly bake your pizza and give it a nice flavor, check out the Stoke Outdoor Pizza Oven here and have one shipped for you!


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